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Saturday, 29 October 2011

poem by gerard

Dear father god, thank you for showing me your spirits and truth.
You will never ending love and first for your word
And that glorious feeling of comfort and joy
All that and more!!! when I am wrapped in your arms.

You are here by my side for all troubles.
You are here to help me fight my foes, and pick me up when I fall
You conquer my fears.
You send in your angels to watch over me giving me all round protection
You’ll do anything to me, nothing is too much.
Because I am not selfish and want to say thanks for all this and more.
You made me thought, what can I do for you?  Surely not enough!
You show me how you want me to be
Leading me, by the hand, in search of your truth and your light.

I am all yours, do, what you will.
Shape me, mend me, and love me as yours
A work of art in progress, a rising star in your eyes
Thanks for your thoughts and thanks for your cares
I can sleep better knowing am yours. x

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