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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oh the sorrow of the cross
Oh the beatings he endured
The humiliation so deep and piercing
How can I stand and not be moved

Oh my Jesus my precious Saviour
So deep are the wounds within my soul
But you oh Lord have known them all
You bled and died for me

Beaten and scourged for our transgressions
Who can know the pain you felt
Walking the road to Calvary
Weak and in pain still you walked

To the hill of Golgotha
To cruel nails in hands and feet
But still you endured it all for me
Then at the last cried father forgive

Mary standing at the cross cries
Oh my child meek and mild
Oh the pain she must have endured
To see her child  die in agony

Who can understand the depths of sorrow
That Jesus our Saviour endured
But he alone was willing
To lay down his precious life

So heavenly Father
We your children here on earth
Lay down our lives and follow Jesus
To the cross of Calvary

We take up the cross
No matter what it entails
As a sacrifice of worship
To Jesus the Saviour of the world

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