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Friday, 11 November 2011

Storm clouds are forming
Up-on the horizon
The earth cries out
Against the dry land

The bird in the tree
Flap her wings excitedly
She knows the rains
Will soon be here

The animals milling
Around a dry lake
Call to each other
With excited talk

The rains are coming
The rains are coming
Make ready to be refreshed
Make ready for the coming storm

As the storm draws near
Excitement builds
And animals come
From far and near

At last it is here
And the life rain falls
Slowly at first
But then here comes the flood

It fills the stream
That then fills the lake
At last its rivers
Are beginning to flow

They flow from the east
They flow the south
They flow from the north
And they flow west

They flow from the source
Like a hand upon the earth
Giving new life
Where ever they go

Now the birds and animals
Can drink and have their fill
And a triumphant nose
Goes out one more

The animals bathe
And make themselves clean
And swim to rest
Their weary old bones

Their lives are refreshed
Their bodies renewed
Abundance of food
Some meat and some fruit

The rose in the field
That once was sharp and cold
Gives way to beauty oh so right
And shows its healing more than thorns

The rain is done
The rainbow appears
With promise of Good things to come

Its shows of Gods love
Forgiveness and peace
So come now to the river
And drink your fill

Then turn to your neighbor
And share the good news
Of a father who loves us
And cares for this world

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