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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

This is a poem dedicated to Georgie Howe who passed away 5th of January 2012
One day the gentle gardener
Was walking on the earth
Admiring all the flowers
That are his churches here on earth

There are many beautiful flowers
Blooming on this earth
But our church at living waters
Is defiantly a rose

While gently walking past us
After admiring our fresh array
His cloak caught on a single thorn
And a petal started to fall

The petal there was Georgie
And with sadness we let her go
But the master knows
his precious petals
In each and every church

He would not let her fall to far
And he caught her in his hand
He lovingly released his breath
And sent her over hill and vale

Then at last his gentle breath
Raised her to the heavens above
And there she rested
in Gods garden of love
Joining the other petals
that had gone before

And now she is dancing
before the throne
And singing his eternal praise
She's looking and smiling
on us down below
And is ready to meet us
when we finally fall

Also dedicated to Julie almond who fell asleep after a long battle with cancer And also david lea bague who I believe will flourish and bud and bloom here on earth

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