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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I was resting in bed thinking about getting up when I saw myself in a dark pit 
Sadness, frustration, fear, anger and many more things can send us into a pit
That is when we have some choices to make 

One would be to curl up in the fetal position and give up trying all together.
This would have a devastating effect on the people who love and care for us
It would help for a while but in the end we would shrivel up through lack of light and warmth

 The other option would be to stand on our feet and look up out of the pit
And wish and pray and fret and moan  we can see the answer but we just stand there and look out
This is ok but we would get no where fast
We need to take action to get out of a pit

The third  option is that we actually start trying to get out of the pit by our own strength
We climb and claw at branches and twigs and maybe friends and family
But more often then not we fall back down
 Because at the end of the day other people are only human too

But finally we come to our senses with the fourth option
And as we look up a light lighter the sun comes shining into our pit
And a voice calls out I love you my child can I give you a hand
And a hand reaches out and all we have to do is take it
And receive Love and peace and joy once again

Sooo if we are in a pit what would we do today
If anyone is in a pit today please don't think im having a go
Or thinking that you are weak
But I know that my Jesus is able to help
And bring you saftly to the light of the day
Lord I surrender my life
And offer it up to you
Change me I pray
From deep within

I lay down my life
With its doubts and fears
I lay down my life
With its hopes and dreams

I pour out my heart
With voice and tears
With all that I am
In spirit and truth

I open my heart
To feel your Love
And the fears and woes
Flow away like the tide

In the knowledge
Of who you are
In the knowledge
Of who I am in you

Now healing flows
Into every part
Filling my life
With the Light of your truth

And now precious Lord
Send me out
Into a world of woes
Into this world of pain

Let me show your love
Let me shine your light
So people can see
What you have done for me

Then they will come
And fall on their knees
And surrender their live
Just like you and me
Come now to the river

 Come now to the river
Let it wash over you
Bring my love
And  mercy untold
Deeper than the oceans
Higher then the heavens
Vast beyond measure
Is my love for you

All I can do
Is fall on my knees
And worship the King of Kings
And the Lord of Lords
And worship the Lamb
Of God that was slain

Your blood washes over me
Makes me whiter than snow
Makes me pure
And holy inside
You are the rose
I am the bud
And one day I'll bloom
In the heavens above 
As I was praying I got a vision of a rose This is very prominent in my life as there are several events of late that can be in different forms of a rose This is me thinking I am not saying its a word from God but you can make your own decisions hope it speaks to you and may be make you think or bring you comfort Each petal on a rose represents a character of God As a rose unfolds more as the bud opens more petals are shown So the closer we get to the Lord The more the rose opens and the more of his love and character shows Like a rose bud The love of Jesus opens up more and when it is fully open It shows the full beauty and love of Christ We are like a rose seed It needs to fall to the ground and die But when it does the growth begins and its journey ends with its beauty in full bloom
worship you Lord
We lift our hands
To praise your holy name
We receive your love
We receive your grace
Mercy and peace
Flow from heaven above

We glorify you
King of Kings
In worship and wonder
We bow down before you
And lift our hands
And voices now
To glorify your holy name
Let all that is within me
Bring praise to the father above
For his everlasting love
You don't have to cry on your own any more
I will touch you I will heal your broken heart
I cried your tears at Calvary
I died to take your pain

Hand over to me the years of self doubt
And the years of feeling all alone
Receive my love once again
Receive my healing touch

Let all the emotions that are shut up inside
flow out like a river and bring you release
So don't be afraid to let those tears flow
Your surrounded by love and people who care

So break down the wall of fear and pain
And let those tears fall bringing untold peace
Give all your pains and burdens to Christ
For his yoke is easy And his burden is light
Written soon after the death of Georgie Howe
Who passed away
This is a poem dedicated to Georgie Howe who passed away 5th of January 2012
One day the gentle gardener
Was walking on the earth
Admiring all the flowers
That are his churches here on earth

There are many beautiful flowers
Blooming on this earth
But our church at living waters
Is defiantly a rose

While gently walking past us
After admiring our fresh array
His cloak caught on a single thorn
And a petal started to fall

The petal there was Georgie
And with sadness we let her go
But the master knows
his precious petals
In each and every church

He would not let her fall to far
And he caught her in his hand
He lovingly released his breath
And sent her over hill and vale

Then at last his gentle breath
Raised her to the heavens above
And there she rested
in Gods garden of love
Joining the other petals
that had gone before

And now she is dancing
before the throne
And singing his eternal praise
She's looking and smiling
on us down below
And is ready to meet us
when we finally fall

Also dedicated to Julie almond who fell asleep after a long battle with cancer And also david lea bague who I believe will flourish and bud and bloom here on earth

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