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Monday, 16 May 2011

The world or Jesus


                                        If I could give you the world I would.
But it wouldn’t ease the pain.
If I could give you the world at peace I would.
But real peace comes from god alone.
If I could give you a large house I would.
But only my father can give this to you.

If I gave you a bible what would you do?
Would you read it or hide it away.
If I gave you my love what would you do?
Would you accept or turn in fear.
If I gave you god’s peace what would you do?
Would you rest or still worry and fear.

Would you look to my Jesus?
Or look to the world.
Would you give him your life?
Or wander away.
Would you accept his love and words today?
Or would you just turn away.

The choice is yours I cannot say more.
Will you in faith fling open the door?
Or stay shut away in pride and fear.
Would you trust in my Jesus?
Or face him in death
© Julie Clark

in the stillness of the morning


In the stillness of the morning.
Let your voice alone be heard.
In the falling of the steady rain.
And the singing of the cheerful birds.

When the world has come to life.
With all its worries and strife.
Let us still have open ears.
To hear you’re voice again oh Lord.

In the bustle of the afternoon.
Rushing to get the chores done.
Let’s not forget to give god praise.
For leading us through another day.

In the quietness of the evening.
When we look back on our day.
Let us see your love shine through.
In all we’ve said and done.

In the darkness of the night.
When the world has gone to bed.
Thank the Lord who watches over us.
Who never sleeps but gives us rest.
 (c) julie clark 

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