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Monday, 14 February 2011

I kneel before the throne

I kneel before the throne of grace
Worship and praise you mighty king
Glorify and honor your holy name
Bow down and worship the prince of peace

Your throne is eternal you reign on high
Your mighty right hand guides and leads
My heart is in awe of your mighty power
And heaven is filled with your glorious light

Mighty councilor and risen Lord
Sword of the sprit truth and light
You fill my heart to overflow
With your mercy grace and love

All power is in you, my Lord and king
You hold the keys to life and death
You will this earth with a mighty hand
Yet you know feeble frame and mind

Lord I am filled with mighty awe
As I stand before the throne of grace
I worship with angels singing your praise
My spirit is free and praise flows eternal

I kneel before

I kneel before my God and King.
And bring to you my everything.
My hopes, my fears, my joys my all.
Lord take them all and set me free

 Set me free to worship thee
My god my king my everything
Forgive me sinner that I am
So I may live and grow in thee

I love you more than words can say
But you dear lord have loved me more
Enough to die on Calvary’s tree
Taking all my pain and shame away

And though I still do things so wrong
You are so loving patient and kind.
You love your children so much more
Much more that we can ever know

Oh heavenly father when things go wrong
And we turn away in selfish pride.
You are still there waiting for us
To humbly come to you in prayer.

And when we finally realize
We need you more and more each day
Come and fill us with love anew
And help us follow only you.

If you are afraid

If you are afraid then just look at the cross
Where Jesus gave his life for you
He went to the cross to bring life anew
So never fear to count the cost

The feel you feel is not from above
It’s from someone else who doesn’t care for you
God is strong enough to see you through
So look to god and his heavenly love

He’ll give you his love he’ll give you his peace
And put your feet on his heavenly path
From all your fears he’ll give release
He’s got the power to make it last

Remember that promise

When you feel afraid or alone
Just remember what god has done
In your heart remember all
The promise that he will keep
That god is always near to you
He will keep you safe from harm
Tonight and for ever more

When you feel you have no friend
Remember that god is a friend of yours
He won't desert you like the others do
So just remember his promise is true
Remember the promise sown in your heart

So trust in him, and you will see
He loves you more than words can say
He sent his son, a gift so  free
So always believe and trust his word
Don’t be afraid, or feel alone
Or you have no friend, or nobody cares
God loves us all, you know he does
He cares for everyone of us

by his stripes

                                                               By his stripes
By His stripes I am healed
By His blood I am washed
I am a new creation
And forever I am free

Wash me in your spirit
Purge me from my sin
Take away the shame I feel.
And bring me into peace

Cleanse me from all wrong
Thoughts and attitudes
Cleanse my body make me whole
Wash me clean with power

Make me the child who can be taught
Who is willing to be led
Let me eat the living word
And truly well be fed

Let your healing flow through me
And touch another heart
Show your loving grace through me
And let them truly see

You are the son who sets them free
When in faith they bend the knee
You have come to give them life.
And give them all eternity

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