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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

word for suzane

Be bold my child be bold,
Be stong and walk with me,
I will take your hand and lead you on,
Believe in Me, trust in My word,
Keep my word before you every day,
Lift your hands to me in prayer,
My heart rejoice in your love for me,
My heart rejoice in your care for others,
God forward and trust me,
For I will never leave you, Nor will I forsake you,
Be bold my child be bold,
Know that I love you,
My heart fills with joy
When I see your love and trust,
Be still my child and know
That I am God.
Know that I'm leading you,
And you have no need to fear.
Go forward and continue in My love.

Written for Suzane Box in the service  Sunday 18th June 2011

prophetic poem

The harvest is coming beyond the horizon
My light is shining through the dark world
Have faith my children the time is drawing near
Behold look to the sky and see the signs
I will come with my heavenly angels
Coming to bring all my children home
So stretch fourth your hands to the coming king
Reach out your hand to the lonely and lost
My fire will come and purge your hearts
And make you pure in my sight
Make ready for the wedding feast
For i am coming soon
I’m preparing my church to be my bride
I’m coming with power and majesty
Release to me your heart felt praise
Lift your mind and spirit to me
: Release your fears release you guilt
Come and make ready for your king

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Go in faith


Go in faith and walk with me
Every step through out the day
I’ll be your peace
I’ll be your guide
On every step of the way

It may be hard
It may be good
You may see the darkness
But I am your light

I will shine a way for you
When in the dark valley you walk
So take my hand and walk by faith
And I will lead you all the way

To the end of the path
To that glorious day
Where I will see you face to face
And hold you in my arms 

The future is safe

I cannot see the future
But I have to do is trust
My savior Jesus sees it all
And he will guide me through

I do not know its twists and turns,
Its mountains valleys and hills.
But I can trust my Jesus
And He will carry me through

I do not know its joys and pain
And every emotional high and low
But I know who holds my future
It’s Jesus Christ my Lord

So today in faith I will take his hand
And let Him lead me on
Through all the joys and all the sorrow
Until he leads me home 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

There's no fate but what we make!: Autism

There's no fate but what we make!: Autism: "In this world of beauty,sometimes GOD creates some differences which are for us to test...Sometimes we understand that . But most of the tim..."

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
fantastic piano playing by my son andrew
facebook  andrew clark musician

injustice by a friend gerard

Injustice?  Injustice?  Injustice?
Why is there so much? 
It's in the papers
It’s in the news
Worst of all this is in my face!

What can I do to show I care?
Raise the alarm for all those in need.
From pop star’s to public everyone can shout
Just think of the poor souls
Sold to slavery on a life of dread

Bring light into their lives.
And light up their eyes.
Spare a couple of coins to help spread the news.
It helps save a life, how cool is that.

Seven plane loads of people a day disappear
How can this be a monitored World?
Just think if you disappeared…..
Who would miss you?

So raising alarm for those with no voice !
your their only call for help !
shout "act against injustice." 
What have you got to lose?

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