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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

injustice by a friend gerard

Injustice?  Injustice?  Injustice?
Why is there so much? 
It's in the papers
It’s in the news
Worst of all this is in my face!

What can I do to show I care?
Raise the alarm for all those in need.
From pop star’s to public everyone can shout
Just think of the poor souls
Sold to slavery on a life of dread

Bring light into their lives.
And light up their eyes.
Spare a couple of coins to help spread the news.
It helps save a life, how cool is that.

Seven plane loads of people a day disappear
How can this be a monitored World?
Just think if you disappeared…..
Who would miss you?

So raising alarm for those with no voice !
your their only call for help !
shout "act against injustice." 
What have you got to lose?

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