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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

word for suzane

Be bold my child be bold,
Be stong and walk with me,
I will take your hand and lead you on,
Believe in Me, trust in My word,
Keep my word before you every day,
Lift your hands to me in prayer,
My heart rejoice in your love for me,
My heart rejoice in your care for others,
God forward and trust me,
For I will never leave you, Nor will I forsake you,
Be bold my child be bold,
Know that I love you,
My heart fills with joy
When I see your love and trust,
Be still my child and know
That I am God.
Know that I'm leading you,
And you have no need to fear.
Go forward and continue in My love.

Written for Suzane Box in the service  Sunday 18th June 2011

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