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Friday, 11 November 2011

Storm clouds are forming
Up-on the horizon
The earth cries out
Against the dry land

The bird in the tree
Flap her wings excitedly
She knows the rains
Will soon be here

The animals milling
Around a dry lake
Call to each other
With excited talk

The rains are coming
The rains are coming
Make ready to be refreshed
Make ready for the coming storm

As the storm draws near
Excitement builds
And animals come
From far and near

At last it is here
And the life rain falls
Slowly at first
But then here comes the flood

It fills the stream
That then fills the lake
At last its rivers
Are beginning to flow

They flow from the east
They flow the south
They flow from the north
And they flow west

They flow from the source
Like a hand upon the earth
Giving new life
Where ever they go

Now the birds and animals
Can drink and have their fill
And a triumphant nose
Goes out one more

The animals bathe
And make themselves clean
And swim to rest
Their weary old bones

Their lives are refreshed
Their bodies renewed
Abundance of food
Some meat and some fruit

The rose in the field
That once was sharp and cold
Gives way to beauty oh so right
And shows its healing more than thorns

The rain is done
The rainbow appears
With promise of Good things to come

Its shows of Gods love
Forgiveness and peace
So come now to the river
And drink your fill

Then turn to your neighbor
And share the good news
Of a father who loves us
And cares for this world

Saturday, 29 October 2011

poem by gerard

Dear father god, thank you for showing me your spirits and truth.
You will never ending love and first for your word
And that glorious feeling of comfort and joy
All that and more!!! when I am wrapped in your arms.

You are here by my side for all troubles.
You are here to help me fight my foes, and pick me up when I fall
You conquer my fears.
You send in your angels to watch over me giving me all round protection
You’ll do anything to me, nothing is too much.
Because I am not selfish and want to say thanks for all this and more.
You made me thought, what can I do for you?  Surely not enough!
You show me how you want me to be
Leading me, by the hand, in search of your truth and your light.

I am all yours, do, what you will.
Shape me, mend me, and love me as yours
A work of art in progress, a rising star in your eyes
Thanks for your thoughts and thanks for your cares
I can sleep better knowing am yours. x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

new hope in the Lord new hope in the lord new hope in the lords thats what i have found when the waters would engulf me i reached out my hand and he saved me from drowning and so much more wooow what an awesome God we serve
[08:14:35] julie clark: wow what an awesome God we serve today i walked home and i kicked a stone and i thought thats probably what some people feel that they are a stone to be kicked around but then Jesus said but I love you I saw you not as who you were when you were in the depths of sin and bound and chained but i see who you are in me and who I know who you will be as you daily move on in love and obedience and trust in me
to any one who is feeling kicked and bruzed today hpe in the Lord he sees all things and he will never let you drown even when the wayers flow fast around youy reach out your hand to Jesus and he will pull you through it all and lead you into glory forever to stand beside him amen
[08:16:56] julie clark: we serve an awesome God who loves us and sees the truth of who we are in christ he doesnt see all the lies of satan and the binds that hold us he sees us pure and restored in him
[08:18:10] julie clark: i think im what you call flowing in the spirit so many wounderful words and thought

Sunday, 23 October 2011

modern song of Solomon

A young girl came walking in the garden
And spied a beautiful rose
But she didn't see its beauty
Just the sharp and ugly thorns

A young man came walking in the garden
And spied that beautiful rose
He did not see the thorns so sharp
But beauty peace and love

A gardener came upon them both
And smiled at the lovely pair
He went and took the thorns away
From those two roses there

It took a while I should say
But finally they were free
To make sweet beauty together
And feel the gardeners love

They joined their hands
And walked there in
the 88 steps led down a path
Where roses bloomed all around

The steps led out to a beautiful field
With a beautiful blue dream lake
Their hearts were filled with joy and peace
As they entered this beautiful place

The sun was shining warm as could be
And they walked as one in step
Then laid in the grass in a sweet caress
Still feeling the warmth of their skin

They touched each other tenderly
In every secret place
But the feeling was oh so right
So they had no need to fear

The day moved on to evening
When the sun had lost its heat
Then wind and came in real strong
But they cuddled more closer

It made them so much stronger
Instead of taring them apart
The gardener came and sheltered them
With his love and grace and peace

The night has passed and a new day dawns
With a beautiful clear blue sky
And once again they can walk
In comfort love and hope


Spirit  spirit spirit
Come upon me now
Guide me in all your ways
As I surrender all to you

Jesus Jesus Jesus
Join our hearts as one
When we think of all you did
When you died and rose again

Father, father, Father
Look on us with grace and love
See your people who serve you right
And for you would take up any fight

Precious trinity three in one
Unite our hearts today
Draw us close to be one mind
Until you come for your precious bride

Angels rejoice in the heavens above
When they see your people stand strong
Till one day we to will join
With realms of worship for the king

stand firm in fait

Stand firm in faith and unity
Stand firm in faith and love
Stand firm against your enemies
Stand firm together as one

Stand firm and strong in unity
Stand firm in the armor of God
Stand firm in the storms of life today
Stand firm in his peace and love

Friday, 14 October 2011

The King will return

There’s a stillness In the mountains
There’s a calm across the sea
There’s a peace around the valleys
As creation waits expectantly

We’re waiting for our saviour
With saving grace and favour
To come and take us home to thee,
When we have won, the victory

Our eyes will lift to the sky above
And the trumpet blast will sound
We shall arise in a flick of the eye
As on a white horse our saviour will ride

The world will see he is the King
The creator of the earth
He has come again
New birth to bring  

The final shout. The final call
Will shake the heavens to the core
The mountains high will quake and fall
A sight never seen or heard before

But we his people will have no fear
For we are, his children dear
And the bible tells us clear
Our saviours return is ever near

So tell me are you ready
To meet him in the sky
To give him all the glory
And live an eternity

© Julie clark

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

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Friday, 30 September 2011
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

count down has begun

3 weeks and counting down before my new book comes out this is a long waiting game but it will be worth it

Friday, 23 September 2011

Peter's story

Beside the sea of Galilee
My Jesus walks with me
He shows me what my life should be
And The spirit sets me free

He's promised never to leave me
But be my constant guide
To comfort me in times of trouble
And to celebrate in His victory

I walked with him for three whole years
And saw amazing things
Miracles and teaching
That totally blew my mind

Then suddenly he changed his tune
And talked about His death
No Lord I said that cant be true
If  not I will stand always true to you

One night we went to the Passover feast
And he said the strangest thing
This is may body which is broken for you
Eat of it and you will live

Some one will deny me Three time
Before the cockerel crows
I would never do such thing
Oh lord it cant be me

The night kept getting darker
And He led us out to pray
We tried to stay awake and pray
But our flesh was weak from sorrow

Then Judas came with a mass of troops
And kissed my masters face
Then fear at last took a total hold
And all of us disciples fled

I followed at a distance
To the place they took him to
I huddled by the fire for warmth
And my heart was cold as cold

Then my deepest dread came true
And the people questioned me
You are his friend  you walked with him
No No you are so wrong

Three times I stood to deny my Lord
And then the cockerel crowd
And suddenly Jesus’ words came back
And sadness pierced my heart

They took him away and beat up
Mocked him and put him on trial
We all were watching in the crowd
When they cried out to have him die

The lonely walk to the hill of death
Was the longest I'd ever watched
My heart was filled with grief and pain
But Mary Jesus mother who can feel the grip of pain
That must have been there that day

They nailed him to a cross of shame
And he hug there all alone
The people jeered and called him King
But all he said was "father forgive"

The world turned black as the Saviour died
And  peoples hearts were filled with fear

We buried him in a strangers tomb
And left to share and grieve and pray
Three days he lay there and so we thought
This was the end that death had won

But as His mum went to the tomb
She met a man who said do not fear
He's not here for he has risen
Now tell the good news to all his friends

We were gathered in a tiny room
The doors were locked and we were in fear
Then all of a sudden Jesus was there
Showing us all his hands, his feet
And finally Thomas believed

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The mountains and hills stretched out before me
The heavens above called my name
The path stretched out before me
Long and straight and bare

The sun shone down upon me
And warmed my half naked skin
And suddenly I felt alone
And very much afraid

Then Jesus stood before me
And the spirit flew all around
The voice of God called out to me
Peace my child,  no need to fear

Your not alone we three are here
To comfort guide and  call
So rest for a while  till we open your eyes
To the beauty set before you today

I saw before me a cool flowing stream
So I sat and took my rest
I drank within the life giving stream
And it cooled my angry heart

Then a snake came out from within a rock
And at once I knew his name
The devil came to cause distress
And make me fear again

But my Jesus with a mighty sword
Cut off that snakes big head
Then he looked at me and smiled
At last you are truly free

I felt a peace flow through my heart
And I know I had been released
And now at last I saw the truth
Through Jesus we have the victory

Then a voice called out from heaven
And the mountain crumbled with fear
The road before me filled with light
And so much beauty and with flowers

I looked upon them and could not fear
When I saw the beauty around
I got to my feet and carried on
With a new song within my heart

A song of love and victory
A song of peace and strength
And I will take it with me
To share along the way 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lost and found

Tina sat on the floor on her own
Children around her didn’t know
She wanted to talk, she wanted to play
But she didn’t know the words to say

Then one bright and sunny day
Tina heard a lady say
You have my heart I’ll take you away
I’ll teach you to love, be there come what may

So away she came that fretful child
\and after a week she actually smiled
Two months later an adoption was files
And made a daughter of that restless child

Her mum as promised taught her the words to say
And now it’s impossible to keep her from play
No longer has she slept on a hard cold floor
But lays her head on a comfy bed

Now Tina has grown and learnt to love
And she sees an unloved child
Her heart it gives an almighty tug
And commits that child to God above

Then she will hold out a loving hand
To that child laying in the sand
She leads her to peace and the Promised Land
And now at last on her own she can stand

Stand and take someone else’s hand
All the love and joy to gain
The truth the peace the joy be known
                                   That love through a generation has shown 

Monday, 15 August 2011

new links
hi there i would like to offer you the opportunity to contribute to my site as long as you are following christ as your lord and savior
God bless and i look forward to the site growing and the kingdom of God advancing

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Peace in nature

A babbling stream, a peaceful lane
These are the things that I enjoy
As I walk on a summers day
With a warm gentle breeze upon my face

A cottage in a field, with swirling smoke
A family sitting round ready to eat
Rich chicken soup and freshly baked bread
Then five little children all snug in their bed

A flitting bird upon the nest
Protecting her brood from unknown harm
A cow chewing cud all gentle and calm
Then sheep and one dog in one accord

Oh what a beautiful land we have
If we would take the time to see
Instead of rushing through the day
Let’s sit for a while and take it all in

In praise of the trinity

Jesus Jesus Jesus
I call upon your name
Hear my prayer as I kneel today
As I give you the burdens of the day
Wash all my sins far away

Spirit, spirit, spirit
Guide me through the day
Open my eyes, my spiritual eyes
Open my ears, my spiritual ears
And give me the faith to stand

Hold me in your arms
Keep me close, keep me safe
Help me feel your love and grace
Your mercy ever flowing free to work
Like a never ending, flowing stream
Let it flow through me, into the world

woow what and awesome God

A response from my Lord

I praise you Great and Mighty King
I lift my hands to praise
And worship, kneel at your feet
All glory and honour belongs to you
Your grace and mercy are beyond compare

Come before my throne of grace
Rest for a while no rushing away
Learn from me and you will be free
To live the life I want you to lead

Unfold your arms so tightly around you
Release your true praise to me
Let go of rejection, its not who I am
I died and gave my life to you

Your accepted, your forgiven
Come and let me hold you ever near
Take my hand and follow my lead
Trust me to fill your every need

Friday, 15 July 2011

Quiet time with Jesus

As I sit here beside you
And open your word
I can feel your peace
Calm, acceptance, and love
I pray that you speak
Through your holy spirit wind

As you put your arms around me
And the world and its problems disappear
I am lifted again into your arm s
like the wings of a dove
I'm safe and secure in a blanket of love
No reason to fight, my savior is here
At one with the master, what an awesome thought

Time moves on and reality sets in
I'm a mum and a wife, part of this world
But as I go, he smiles at me
And says "do not fret I,ll come with you"
Creator and King,all glories unfold
Too wounderous feeling to put into words

The shadows return but you are my light
You are my hope, my peace and my guide
I have nothing to dread, cause your there by my side
You know what I'm facing you've been there before
You've won every battle So I can stand tall
And tell all the people,my Jesus he lives

I wont fear tommorow
Cause my savior is there
So I wont fret today
But trust in my King
That's what he has told me
Through His word and Spirit wind

Friday, 8 July 2011

JesusFlyer Christian Blog: Jesus, the start of the journey

JesusFlyer Christian Blog: Jesus, the start of the journey: "Jesus is exponential. The more you spread your faith, the faster it grows and the faster it changes your own life. Recently I decided to..."

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

word for suzane

Be bold my child be bold,
Be stong and walk with me,
I will take your hand and lead you on,
Believe in Me, trust in My word,
Keep my word before you every day,
Lift your hands to me in prayer,
My heart rejoice in your love for me,
My heart rejoice in your care for others,
God forward and trust me,
For I will never leave you, Nor will I forsake you,
Be bold my child be bold,
Know that I love you,
My heart fills with joy
When I see your love and trust,
Be still my child and know
That I am God.
Know that I'm leading you,
And you have no need to fear.
Go forward and continue in My love.

Written for Suzane Box in the service  Sunday 18th June 2011

prophetic poem

The harvest is coming beyond the horizon
My light is shining through the dark world
Have faith my children the time is drawing near
Behold look to the sky and see the signs
I will come with my heavenly angels
Coming to bring all my children home
So stretch fourth your hands to the coming king
Reach out your hand to the lonely and lost
My fire will come and purge your hearts
And make you pure in my sight
Make ready for the wedding feast
For i am coming soon
I’m preparing my church to be my bride
I’m coming with power and majesty
Release to me your heart felt praise
Lift your mind and spirit to me
: Release your fears release you guilt
Come and make ready for your king

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Go in faith


Go in faith and walk with me
Every step through out the day
I’ll be your peace
I’ll be your guide
On every step of the way

It may be hard
It may be good
You may see the darkness
But I am your light

I will shine a way for you
When in the dark valley you walk
So take my hand and walk by faith
And I will lead you all the way

To the end of the path
To that glorious day
Where I will see you face to face
And hold you in my arms 

The future is safe

I cannot see the future
But I have to do is trust
My savior Jesus sees it all
And he will guide me through

I do not know its twists and turns,
Its mountains valleys and hills.
But I can trust my Jesus
And He will carry me through

I do not know its joys and pain
And every emotional high and low
But I know who holds my future
It’s Jesus Christ my Lord

So today in faith I will take his hand
And let Him lead me on
Through all the joys and all the sorrow
Until he leads me home 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

There's no fate but what we make!: Autism

There's no fate but what we make!: Autism: "In this world of beauty,sometimes GOD creates some differences which are for us to test...Sometimes we understand that . But most of the tim..."

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
fantastic piano playing by my son andrew
facebook  andrew clark musician

injustice by a friend gerard

Injustice?  Injustice?  Injustice?
Why is there so much? 
It's in the papers
It’s in the news
Worst of all this is in my face!

What can I do to show I care?
Raise the alarm for all those in need.
From pop star’s to public everyone can shout
Just think of the poor souls
Sold to slavery on a life of dread

Bring light into their lives.
And light up their eyes.
Spare a couple of coins to help spread the news.
It helps save a life, how cool is that.

Seven plane loads of people a day disappear
How can this be a monitored World?
Just think if you disappeared…..
Who would miss you?

So raising alarm for those with no voice !
your their only call for help !
shout "act against injustice." 
What have you got to lose?

Monday, 16 May 2011

The world or Jesus


                                        If I could give you the world I would.
But it wouldn’t ease the pain.
If I could give you the world at peace I would.
But real peace comes from god alone.
If I could give you a large house I would.
But only my father can give this to you.

If I gave you a bible what would you do?
Would you read it or hide it away.
If I gave you my love what would you do?
Would you accept or turn in fear.
If I gave you god’s peace what would you do?
Would you rest or still worry and fear.

Would you look to my Jesus?
Or look to the world.
Would you give him your life?
Or wander away.
Would you accept his love and words today?
Or would you just turn away.

The choice is yours I cannot say more.
Will you in faith fling open the door?
Or stay shut away in pride and fear.
Would you trust in my Jesus?
Or face him in death
© Julie Clark

in the stillness of the morning


In the stillness of the morning.
Let your voice alone be heard.
In the falling of the steady rain.
And the singing of the cheerful birds.

When the world has come to life.
With all its worries and strife.
Let us still have open ears.
To hear you’re voice again oh Lord.

In the bustle of the afternoon.
Rushing to get the chores done.
Let’s not forget to give god praise.
For leading us through another day.

In the quietness of the evening.
When we look back on our day.
Let us see your love shine through.
In all we’ve said and done.

In the darkness of the night.
When the world has gone to bed.
Thank the Lord who watches over us.
Who never sleeps but gives us rest.
 (c) julie clark 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

andrews darkness of the night

this is andrew he is fifteen and plays by ear
an amazing kid hope it sounds ok my speakers maybe duff
but enjoy

Monday, 18 April 2011


my son andrew who is fifteen and who is a born again christian has several music videos
you tube is just type in andrew peaceful music  andrew clark artist muscican
and reverbnation andrewpotts experience
take a look at these i a sure you will be blessed

Monday, 4 April 2011

beautiful poem

     I have great pleasure in including a beautiful poem by David Le Baigue
He is just forteen and has been fighting cancer for two and a half years. He is a born again Christian from our church at Living Waters Manston its totally awesome I hope you get as much blessing from reading it as I did
The great news is it is now liquidfying and is on its way out


Stars are ablaze over the night sky,
Oh how I gaze with these tired eyes,
But for what do I seek as the dawn draws near,
Wisdom and teaching so that his word may be clear,
For in whatever I do he will always be close,
An angel by my side and the Holy Ghost,
He protects me from evil and shields me from danger,
And sent His son who was born in a manger,
But for this is what I think about here while I lay,
As dawn draws closer to start a new day.

15th March 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

I kneel before the throne

I kneel before the throne of grace
Worship and praise you mighty king
Glorify and honor your holy name
Bow down and worship the prince of peace

Your throne is eternal you reign on high
Your mighty right hand guides and leads
My heart is in awe of your mighty power
And heaven is filled with your glorious light

Mighty councilor and risen Lord
Sword of the sprit truth and light
You fill my heart to overflow
With your mercy grace and love

All power is in you, my Lord and king
You hold the keys to life and death
You will this earth with a mighty hand
Yet you know feeble frame and mind

Lord I am filled with mighty awe
As I stand before the throne of grace
I worship with angels singing your praise
My spirit is free and praise flows eternal

I kneel before

I kneel before my God and King.
And bring to you my everything.
My hopes, my fears, my joys my all.
Lord take them all and set me free

 Set me free to worship thee
My god my king my everything
Forgive me sinner that I am
So I may live and grow in thee

I love you more than words can say
But you dear lord have loved me more
Enough to die on Calvary’s tree
Taking all my pain and shame away

And though I still do things so wrong
You are so loving patient and kind.
You love your children so much more
Much more that we can ever know

Oh heavenly father when things go wrong
And we turn away in selfish pride.
You are still there waiting for us
To humbly come to you in prayer.

And when we finally realize
We need you more and more each day
Come and fill us with love anew
And help us follow only you.

If you are afraid

If you are afraid then just look at the cross
Where Jesus gave his life for you
He went to the cross to bring life anew
So never fear to count the cost

The feel you feel is not from above
It’s from someone else who doesn’t care for you
God is strong enough to see you through
So look to god and his heavenly love

He’ll give you his love he’ll give you his peace
And put your feet on his heavenly path
From all your fears he’ll give release
He’s got the power to make it last

Remember that promise

When you feel afraid or alone
Just remember what god has done
In your heart remember all
The promise that he will keep
That god is always near to you
He will keep you safe from harm
Tonight and for ever more

When you feel you have no friend
Remember that god is a friend of yours
He won't desert you like the others do
So just remember his promise is true
Remember the promise sown in your heart

So trust in him, and you will see
He loves you more than words can say
He sent his son, a gift so  free
So always believe and trust his word
Don’t be afraid, or feel alone
Or you have no friend, or nobody cares
God loves us all, you know he does
He cares for everyone of us

by his stripes

                                                               By his stripes
By His stripes I am healed
By His blood I am washed
I am a new creation
And forever I am free

Wash me in your spirit
Purge me from my sin
Take away the shame I feel.
And bring me into peace

Cleanse me from all wrong
Thoughts and attitudes
Cleanse my body make me whole
Wash me clean with power

Make me the child who can be taught
Who is willing to be led
Let me eat the living word
And truly well be fed

Let your healing flow through me
And touch another heart
Show your loving grace through me
And let them truly see

You are the son who sets them free
When in faith they bend the knee
You have come to give them life.
And give them all eternity

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