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Friday, 15 July 2011

Quiet time with Jesus

As I sit here beside you
And open your word
I can feel your peace
Calm, acceptance, and love
I pray that you speak
Through your holy spirit wind

As you put your arms around me
And the world and its problems disappear
I am lifted again into your arm s
like the wings of a dove
I'm safe and secure in a blanket of love
No reason to fight, my savior is here
At one with the master, what an awesome thought

Time moves on and reality sets in
I'm a mum and a wife, part of this world
But as I go, he smiles at me
And says "do not fret I,ll come with you"
Creator and King,all glories unfold
Too wounderous feeling to put into words

The shadows return but you are my light
You are my hope, my peace and my guide
I have nothing to dread, cause your there by my side
You know what I'm facing you've been there before
You've won every battle So I can stand tall
And tell all the people,my Jesus he lives

I wont fear tommorow
Cause my savior is there
So I wont fret today
But trust in my King
That's what he has told me
Through His word and Spirit wind

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