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Saturday, 29 October 2011

poem by gerard

Dear father god, thank you for showing me your spirits and truth.
You will never ending love and first for your word
And that glorious feeling of comfort and joy
All that and more!!! when I am wrapped in your arms.

You are here by my side for all troubles.
You are here to help me fight my foes, and pick me up when I fall
You conquer my fears.
You send in your angels to watch over me giving me all round protection
You’ll do anything to me, nothing is too much.
Because I am not selfish and want to say thanks for all this and more.
You made me thought, what can I do for you?  Surely not enough!
You show me how you want me to be
Leading me, by the hand, in search of your truth and your light.

I am all yours, do, what you will.
Shape me, mend me, and love me as yours
A work of art in progress, a rising star in your eyes
Thanks for your thoughts and thanks for your cares
I can sleep better knowing am yours. x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

new hope in the Lord new hope in the lord new hope in the lords thats what i have found when the waters would engulf me i reached out my hand and he saved me from drowning and so much more wooow what an awesome God we serve
[08:14:35] julie clark: wow what an awesome God we serve today i walked home and i kicked a stone and i thought thats probably what some people feel that they are a stone to be kicked around but then Jesus said but I love you I saw you not as who you were when you were in the depths of sin and bound and chained but i see who you are in me and who I know who you will be as you daily move on in love and obedience and trust in me
to any one who is feeling kicked and bruzed today hpe in the Lord he sees all things and he will never let you drown even when the wayers flow fast around youy reach out your hand to Jesus and he will pull you through it all and lead you into glory forever to stand beside him amen
[08:16:56] julie clark: we serve an awesome God who loves us and sees the truth of who we are in christ he doesnt see all the lies of satan and the binds that hold us he sees us pure and restored in him
[08:18:10] julie clark: i think im what you call flowing in the spirit so many wounderful words and thought

Sunday, 23 October 2011

modern song of Solomon

A young girl came walking in the garden
And spied a beautiful rose
But she didn't see its beauty
Just the sharp and ugly thorns

A young man came walking in the garden
And spied that beautiful rose
He did not see the thorns so sharp
But beauty peace and love

A gardener came upon them both
And smiled at the lovely pair
He went and took the thorns away
From those two roses there

It took a while I should say
But finally they were free
To make sweet beauty together
And feel the gardeners love

They joined their hands
And walked there in
the 88 steps led down a path
Where roses bloomed all around

The steps led out to a beautiful field
With a beautiful blue dream lake
Their hearts were filled with joy and peace
As they entered this beautiful place

The sun was shining warm as could be
And they walked as one in step
Then laid in the grass in a sweet caress
Still feeling the warmth of their skin

They touched each other tenderly
In every secret place
But the feeling was oh so right
So they had no need to fear

The day moved on to evening
When the sun had lost its heat
Then wind and came in real strong
But they cuddled more closer

It made them so much stronger
Instead of taring them apart
The gardener came and sheltered them
With his love and grace and peace

The night has passed and a new day dawns
With a beautiful clear blue sky
And once again they can walk
In comfort love and hope


Spirit  spirit spirit
Come upon me now
Guide me in all your ways
As I surrender all to you

Jesus Jesus Jesus
Join our hearts as one
When we think of all you did
When you died and rose again

Father, father, Father
Look on us with grace and love
See your people who serve you right
And for you would take up any fight

Precious trinity three in one
Unite our hearts today
Draw us close to be one mind
Until you come for your precious bride

Angels rejoice in the heavens above
When they see your people stand strong
Till one day we to will join
With realms of worship for the king

stand firm in fait

Stand firm in faith and unity
Stand firm in faith and love
Stand firm against your enemies
Stand firm together as one

Stand firm and strong in unity
Stand firm in the armor of God
Stand firm in the storms of life today
Stand firm in his peace and love

Friday, 14 October 2011

The King will return

There’s a stillness In the mountains
There’s a calm across the sea
There’s a peace around the valleys
As creation waits expectantly

We’re waiting for our saviour
With saving grace and favour
To come and take us home to thee,
When we have won, the victory

Our eyes will lift to the sky above
And the trumpet blast will sound
We shall arise in a flick of the eye
As on a white horse our saviour will ride

The world will see he is the King
The creator of the earth
He has come again
New birth to bring  

The final shout. The final call
Will shake the heavens to the core
The mountains high will quake and fall
A sight never seen or heard before

But we his people will have no fear
For we are, his children dear
And the bible tells us clear
Our saviours return is ever near

So tell me are you ready
To meet him in the sky
To give him all the glory
And live an eternity

© Julie clark

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

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