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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

new hope in the Lord new hope in the lord new hope in the lords thats what i have found when the waters would engulf me i reached out my hand and he saved me from drowning and so much more wooow what an awesome God we serve
[08:14:35] julie clark: wow what an awesome God we serve today i walked home and i kicked a stone and i thought thats probably what some people feel that they are a stone to be kicked around but then Jesus said but I love you I saw you not as who you were when you were in the depths of sin and bound and chained but i see who you are in me and who I know who you will be as you daily move on in love and obedience and trust in me
to any one who is feeling kicked and bruzed today hpe in the Lord he sees all things and he will never let you drown even when the wayers flow fast around youy reach out your hand to Jesus and he will pull you through it all and lead you into glory forever to stand beside him amen
[08:16:56] julie clark: we serve an awesome God who loves us and sees the truth of who we are in christ he doesnt see all the lies of satan and the binds that hold us he sees us pure and restored in him
[08:18:10] julie clark: i think im what you call flowing in the spirit so many wounderful words and thought

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