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Sunday, 23 October 2011

modern song of Solomon

A young girl came walking in the garden
And spied a beautiful rose
But she didn't see its beauty
Just the sharp and ugly thorns

A young man came walking in the garden
And spied that beautiful rose
He did not see the thorns so sharp
But beauty peace and love

A gardener came upon them both
And smiled at the lovely pair
He went and took the thorns away
From those two roses there

It took a while I should say
But finally they were free
To make sweet beauty together
And feel the gardeners love

They joined their hands
And walked there in
the 88 steps led down a path
Where roses bloomed all around

The steps led out to a beautiful field
With a beautiful blue dream lake
Their hearts were filled with joy and peace
As they entered this beautiful place

The sun was shining warm as could be
And they walked as one in step
Then laid in the grass in a sweet caress
Still feeling the warmth of their skin

They touched each other tenderly
In every secret place
But the feeling was oh so right
So they had no need to fear

The day moved on to evening
When the sun had lost its heat
Then wind and came in real strong
But they cuddled more closer

It made them so much stronger
Instead of taring them apart
The gardener came and sheltered them
With his love and grace and peace

The night has passed and a new day dawns
With a beautiful clear blue sky
And once again they can walk
In comfort love and hope

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