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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lost and found

Tina sat on the floor on her own
Children around her didn’t know
She wanted to talk, she wanted to play
But she didn’t know the words to say

Then one bright and sunny day
Tina heard a lady say
You have my heart I’ll take you away
I’ll teach you to love, be there come what may

So away she came that fretful child
\and after a week she actually smiled
Two months later an adoption was files
And made a daughter of that restless child

Her mum as promised taught her the words to say
And now it’s impossible to keep her from play
No longer has she slept on a hard cold floor
But lays her head on a comfy bed

Now Tina has grown and learnt to love
And she sees an unloved child
Her heart it gives an almighty tug
And commits that child to God above

Then she will hold out a loving hand
To that child laying in the sand
She leads her to peace and the Promised Land
And now at last on her own she can stand

Stand and take someone else’s hand
All the love and joy to gain
The truth the peace the joy be known
                                   That love through a generation has shown 


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