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Sunday, 18 September 2011

The mountains and hills stretched out before me
The heavens above called my name
The path stretched out before me
Long and straight and bare

The sun shone down upon me
And warmed my half naked skin
And suddenly I felt alone
And very much afraid

Then Jesus stood before me
And the spirit flew all around
The voice of God called out to me
Peace my child,  no need to fear

Your not alone we three are here
To comfort guide and  call
So rest for a while  till we open your eyes
To the beauty set before you today

I saw before me a cool flowing stream
So I sat and took my rest
I drank within the life giving stream
And it cooled my angry heart

Then a snake came out from within a rock
And at once I knew his name
The devil came to cause distress
And make me fear again

But my Jesus with a mighty sword
Cut off that snakes big head
Then he looked at me and smiled
At last you are truly free

I felt a peace flow through my heart
And I know I had been released
And now at last I saw the truth
Through Jesus we have the victory

Then a voice called out from heaven
And the mountain crumbled with fear
The road before me filled with light
And so much beauty and with flowers

I looked upon them and could not fear
When I saw the beauty around
I got to my feet and carried on
With a new song within my heart

A song of love and victory
A song of peace and strength
And I will take it with me
To share along the way 

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