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Monday, 4 April 2011

beautiful poem

     I have great pleasure in including a beautiful poem by David Le Baigue
He is just forteen and has been fighting cancer for two and a half years. He is a born again Christian from our church at Living Waters Manston its totally awesome I hope you get as much blessing from reading it as I did
The great news is it is now liquidfying and is on its way out


Stars are ablaze over the night sky,
Oh how I gaze with these tired eyes,
But for what do I seek as the dawn draws near,
Wisdom and teaching so that his word may be clear,
For in whatever I do he will always be close,
An angel by my side and the Holy Ghost,
He protects me from evil and shields me from danger,
And sent His son who was born in a manger,
But for this is what I think about here while I lay,
As dawn draws closer to start a new day.

15th March 2011

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