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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lord I surrender my life
And offer it up to you
Change me I pray
From deep within

I lay down my life
With its doubts and fears
I lay down my life
With its hopes and dreams

I pour out my heart
With voice and tears
With all that I am
In spirit and truth

I open my heart
To feel your Love
And the fears and woes
Flow away like the tide

In the knowledge
Of who you are
In the knowledge
Of who I am in you

Now healing flows
Into every part
Filling my life
With the Light of your truth

And now precious Lord
Send me out
Into a world of woes
Into this world of pain

Let me show your love
Let me shine your light
So people can see
What you have done for me

Then they will come
And fall on their knees
And surrender their live
Just like you and me

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