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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I was resting in bed thinking about getting up when I saw myself in a dark pit 
Sadness, frustration, fear, anger and many more things can send us into a pit
That is when we have some choices to make 

One would be to curl up in the fetal position and give up trying all together.
This would have a devastating effect on the people who love and care for us
It would help for a while but in the end we would shrivel up through lack of light and warmth

 The other option would be to stand on our feet and look up out of the pit
And wish and pray and fret and moan  we can see the answer but we just stand there and look out
This is ok but we would get no where fast
We need to take action to get out of a pit

The third  option is that we actually start trying to get out of the pit by our own strength
We climb and claw at branches and twigs and maybe friends and family
But more often then not we fall back down
 Because at the end of the day other people are only human too

But finally we come to our senses with the fourth option
And as we look up a light lighter the sun comes shining into our pit
And a voice calls out I love you my child can I give you a hand
And a hand reaches out and all we have to do is take it
And receive Love and peace and joy once again

Sooo if we are in a pit what would we do today
If anyone is in a pit today please don't think im having a go
Or thinking that you are weak
But I know that my Jesus is able to help
And bring you saftly to the light of the day

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