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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jesus and his saving grace

A short story about saving grace 

News of him spread like wild fire and people were coming from all different directions to see this man called Jesus, who was doing and saying such wonderful things. 
But for me I hung behind watching at a distance filled with guilt and shame for what I had done in my life.
I wanted to run away and hide with every inch of my body, but something held me there, rooted to the spot, listening to this man called Jesus and the words that he said
They were amazing and for a minute I actually believed that he could give me a new start, take away this guilt shame and fear. But then a strange man came up to me and sneered
“hahaha do you really think this holy righteous man would do anything for you, you are just too ugly and too wrapped up in yourself full of guilt and shame”.
So with a heavy heart being condemned tio live a life of bitterness and hate I turned away with tears filling my eyes, but as I walked away I felt like I was being watched.
At first I ignored the feeling but every second the urge to turn around got stronger and finally curiosity got me and I turned around
As I turned around my body seemed to fill with electricity, and there looking at me was Jesus. Our eyes locked and we stood for what seemed an eternity
Then finally Jesus held reached out his hand and said in a voice as sweet as honey and yet and strong as the roaring seas
“Sarah come here to me I need to talk to you
The crowd stopped talking in amazement from what they had just heard and my greatest fears came true as all eyes were on me. They knew who I was and what my life had become and again I felt like running, but something in His eyes comforted and beckoned me
So with legs shaking I stepped toward the man and it seemed every step I took my legs were strengthened and so was my determination
Within seconds I was standing face to face with this gentle grace-filled man.
He took my hand and suddenly a feeling like streams of water flooded my body, washing away my past, my shame and guilt, then another feeling rushed through me, a warmth that felt like I was wrapped in a blanket on a cold winters day,
 suddenly the tears that I had held back for all these years flowed in an endless flowing stream, then when that had finished there was the immense and inconsumable joy, filling my whole body
All the time Jesus had never spoken a word but His awesome power had passed through my body washing me of my past and filling me with joy
But then He spoke
My child I love you. I have waited so long for you. I have sought you out, followed and led you to this moment. I know who you are and what you have done in your life. And this very moment I have taken your past, and made you a new creation. You know are alive in me. I have given you my love and my joy. And now my child, I have given you anew heart, filled with compassion to go and tell others about my love and what I have just done for you.

The crowd shook their heads in disbelieve, but I did not care, because I knew what was alive in my boy now and they did not scare me anymore.

Then came the hug. The hug that I had dreamed about for years and years. The hug that rang out love forgiveness and acceptance, joy hope and peace. Wow! Wow! Wow!
The Jesus let me go. Smiled at me. A smile that said a thousand words. As He walked away to minister to the crowd. He walked away from me, but I did not feel fear or hurt, because he had put a presence inside my very mind, body sole and spirit, that said “as I walked with you before you knew me, s I will walk with you now that you are surrendered to me. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Your prayers are but a heartbeat away from me.

Go in peace my friend and share the good news about me to all the nations. So I left and served my lord and he can do the same for you. If you will just turn around and listen to his matchless voice. The choice is yours my friend. Amen. 

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Sister Lara said...

Great article Julia, God bless you.

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