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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

give me a servant heart

Give me a servant heart oh Lord.

One that will serve, and follow you.

One that will follow, where you lead.

One that will obey every written command.

A heart that will always, put you first.

A heart that goes out, to the lonely and cold.

A heart that is filled, with goodness oh Lord.

A heart that is open, to all those in need.

Humble my heart, and change it today.

Keep me always, on the narrow way.

Help me to hear, what you want me to say.

To help lead a sinner, from night into day

Fill my heart, with love from you.

Fill my life, with grace and peace.

Fill my mind, with thoughts of you.

Fill my mouth, with praise anew.

Lord take my life, and come in anew.

Start in me a new work I pray.

Teach me and lead me, which way to go.

Until one day in glory I see.

The father that lovingly molded this child

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