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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Kingdom Reign

Kingdom reign, kingdom reign. Jesus is reigning from His kingdom above. Don't look to the world to bring his reign in. King Jesus will come and take us home. Don't look at the kings and queens of this world. King Jesus shall reign in new heavens above. He's coming one day to take us home. To his glorious kingdom above. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Lord quickly let your kingdom come. Your will be done upon this earth. Lord quickly bring your kingdom in. You reign supreme above the earth. You are crowned with majesty. Above every power, above every rule. Almighty Jesus, living one. Kingdoms may rise and kingdoms may fall. But the kingdom of God has no end. One day we will see him as His bride. Run on the clouds, on a white horse He will ride. There will be no where to run, and no where to hide. We will all be changed in the flick of an eye. Then all his people with a mighty cry. Will lift His mighty standard high.

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