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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Kneeling Before the Cross of Christ

Kneeling before the cross of Christ My heart cries out tonight For all the sick and sorrowing The lost, the lonely, the scared I see his mother standing too Beneath this cruel dark cross No mind could fully comprehend The grief she felt that night The soldiers mocking on the ground The people jeering in the crowd The disciples confused and feeling let down Not seeing beyond the cross A lonely tomb, they buried him And the solders thought they had won They had stopped the fret on the empire But then the third day drew near I see before me an empty tomb And Jesus is standing here I see the nail prints in his hands I see the nail prints in his feet And now I see the victory Of new and resurrections life I see the love within his eyes And I feel his loving touch This Easter time as we celebrate With chocolate, buns and sweets Please look to the cross where he died for you It will surely change your life

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